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About the Cooperation Fund
The FUND is a mechanism established by the Secretariat for International Affairs of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management of the Federative Republic of Brazil (SEAIN) and the China-LAC Industrial Cooperation Investment Fund Co., Ltd. (CLAIFUND) that will classify projects deemed as a priority by the Brazilian government in sectors of infrastructure and that can facilitate the cooperation of industrial capacity between Brazil and China. The Fund will primarily operate in Brazil, focusing on projects to be invested in Brazil as per the FUND's regulation and guidelines.

How to access and fill in the Consultation Letter
In order to fill in the Consultation Letter, the first step is to pre-register in the "Project Registration" tab, providing the basic data of the project such as: name, identification of the tenderer, as well as contacts / fillers. After sending the request, the information will be verified and, if they comply, the access password will be sent by e-mail to the person requesting access.

After receiving the system access password, the user can, in the "Fill in Consultation Letter" tab, start filling in the Consultation Letter. The submission of the Letter-Consultation requires the use of digital certification (Token) ICP-Brasil A3. The person responsible for the Consultation Letter must be an authorized representative of the proponent (company, consortium, group, etc). The Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF) of the incumbent must be informed. Non-residents that do not have a CPF or that do not have a digital certificate, please contact the Executive Secretariat ( for assistance.

According to the Fund's Internal Regulation, all fields must be completed in Portuguese and English languages.

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